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About Isla Atropa Design Co.

(Who am I and how did I perfect my RBF?)

Isla Atropa is a bridal fashion brand that emphasizes fair trade products and works to promote social issues, mostly through human trafficking awareness and donation. 20% of the profits for each dress go toward funding resources for human trarfficking victims. Often times, especially in sex work where women and children are preyed upon, there is no viable work for survivors. If they have spent their life in a foreign country without the benefits of education, language fluency, and understanding of basic social expectation; it is ludicris for us to expect them to seemlessly integrate themselves into our society once they escape their captors. Rather, we must work as a community to give women and children a second chance; and that begins with building a strong sense of self-worth, educating survivors in a chosen field, and working with them to establish trust and a positive rapport.

The wedding industry is a billion dollar a year industry that has been stagnant for decades, surviving on demand alone. With a millennial generation more focused on frugality than our predecessor, compounded with greater access to cheaper options via the internet, a demand for affordable bridal fashion has been building for years.

As someone who has worked in the bridal industry for years, I have a vision of where I would like to see it go. Marriage is a very special life change, and wanting a beautiful wedding to celebrate that marriage is completely understandable. But going fast are the days of $50,000 weddings as we transition to more practical and cost effective events.


Weddings add up. Theres the venue, the food, the cake, the alcohol, the flowers, linens, centerpieces, and decorations...then you need a DJ, a photographer, the ever-growing demand for videography, your hair and make up artists, the coordinator, a stationary designer, waitstaff and cleaning crews, a constantly expanding list of guests filled with people you'll never see again, the getaway car and a honeymoon to follow...and that's not even including what many people consider to be the most important thing: The dress.

The average bride spends $1,600 dollars on her wedding gown. This doesn't include taxes, undergarments, or alterations so round that to $2,000. But not everyone has 2 grand to pour into a dress they'll wear once, nowadays couples are cutting corners to save money for houses or pay student loans. It is not my belief, after 7 years in this industry, that a person should buy a dress that could pay her rent, car note, and grocery bill. However, I know what's available in the under $1,000 section and it isn't always everything a bride wants. I do belief a girl should feel beautiful on her wedding day, no matter the budget.

I am not a factory, and I don't order dresses from or associate with third party retailers. I make every dress myself, in my home, and then transfer them to my showroom 10 minutes from where I live where they can be sampled and bought. My designs are completely sustainable, using fabrics and details found locally and even picking up something from an antique or thrift store and giving it a new life as part of a wedding dress. Occasionally for pieces or fabrics that are not easily found in the USA, I order from a trusted list of vendors in the UK, Italy, Germany, France, and Israel.

I make wedding gowns, shoes, jewelry, lingerie, and headpieces. By keeping my pricing affordable I hope to accomplish 3 things:

1. Provide a beautiful product for a deserving bride without breaking the bank

2. Highlight sustainability not only as easy, but as beneficial to your community as well as communities abroad that now do not have such a high demand for goods made using unfair labor practices

3. Raise awareness for human trafficking in Houston, which is one of the most densly populated hubs for forced commercialized sex in the country.

My goal is then 3-fold and filled with altrusitic passion. I hope to speak with you soon about creating something special for you!

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